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  What is Counselling Psychology?

Counselling Psychology
is an area of specialisation in Psychology that requires postgraduate university training at a Masters or Doctoral level. It differs from Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, as it is primarily concerned with helping mentally healthy individuals find new ways of dealing with and adjusting to life situations. This is done in a non-clinical manner, without the prescription of medication.

The aim of Counselling Psychology is to provide a safe, trusting environment, in which clients are able to express themselves fully and arrive at a better understanding of their problem. Goals are defined and decisions made based on this greater self-awareness. Counselling Psychology is not about giving advice and persuading clients to act in a directed manner.

Taking the first step is usually a difficult decision for most of us. But, it is also the most important, if we are to find solutions to our problems and derive a greater understanding of ourselves and others.

At Positive Solutions, we are here to help you in your efforts for greater understanding and enjoyment in your everyday life.

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